The Box
German Shepherd Puppies
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Fulfilling our commitment to The Breed

We are constantly improving the breed, and consider our dogs a part of our family.

All of our puppies are whelped and reared in our home.  

We work hard to develop in our puppies
    1) a strong human bond
     2) mannerly socialization
                                      3) a confident, lively, and playful personality.  

Breeding Program

With the help of our top internationally recognized breed experts, our breeding program is three pronged.  
We striving for excellence in:
Our puppies are well suited for PET,  PERSONAL PROTECTION,  the SHOW Ring, and work in the sport of

PEGI, being a first time Mom was not sure what to do!  
It was 9+ hours since it started.(ending in almost 20
With the first she needed help to stand so the pup
could be born.  She looked at this wet black "thing" on
the blanket.   Her eyes said "was this dropped by
some alien space ship?"
After a good toweling down the pup began to
squeak.....Suddenly, it clicked -- she licked the pup all
over and cut the cord.  After #1 nature kicked in and
she knew just what to do.  As the x-ray had shown, she
birthed 8 pups.
She was given a shot, washed down, and taken
outside for a walk.  Back to the Box to settle down and
feed her hungry brood.
After delivery of soiled bedding to the Wash Room, it
was time to check to see if any pups needed more
help.  Count..............Eight on the x-ray.  Count again
and one more time!    No, I Was not so tired that I was
hallucinating.  There really were nine (9) puppies in
the Box.  # 9 the "phantom" had arrived while I was
out, and Mom knew just what to do so he was all
cleaned up and cord neatly trimmed.  All he needed
was a colored ribbon.